Why software developers won't read your job offers

Why software developers won't read your job offersWhy software developers won't read your job offers

In the software development world, writing job offers the traditional way will get you lost in the ocean of sameness. Given the amount of opportunities available to software developers, you’ve got to put special care in writing them! It’s one of the first points of contacts with your company after all. Let's see how to craft job offers that developers not only want to read, but that will make them badly want to apply.

What’s in for them?

Too many times, the intro is all about the company. But you’ve got to catch software developers’ attention quickly and a lengthy company intro certainly ain’t the best way to do that. They want to know what’s in for them! So, keep the company intro very short and elaborate further in a “More about us” section at the end of the offer.

What’s your purpose?

Talented and passionate people want more than just working to pay the bills and helping a large company make more money. They want to contribute to something. So, make sure to inspire them with your purpose. What do you find more exciting: working for a global company or helping people move smarter?

Show ‘em your toys!

One thing developers care a lot about is what shiny toys they’ll be able to play with. So, be specific enough about your tech stack. You can also mention the cool cutting edge technologies you’re planning to use in the near future.

Don’t scare them away!

One of the most confusing and potentially deterrent section is certainly the “Requirements” section. Are these the minimum requirements? The ideal profile? Make that crystal clear with “Minimum requirements” and “Preferred requirements” sections.

What’s unique about you?

Some companies have pretty unique characteristics that make them very attractive, such as giving developers the opportunity to do innovative stuff one day every week, free offshore trips that combine work and leisure or being a remote-first company. Whatever makes you unique, make sure to say it or make it possible to say so!

And one last tip: don’t be boring!

Traditional job offers are written in a very formal tone that makes them a punishment to read. Be different! Even software developers don’t make logical choices all the time and by adding personality to your offer, you’ll be able to connect with them on an emotional level, which is far more powerful!


Writing job offers for software developers – or any rare profiles for that matter – requires extra care, but the benefits are totally worth it: you’ll be able to stand out and become a candidate’s first choice! What great things could you achieve with more new talents?