7 significant benefits of implementing remote software teams

7 significant benefits of implementing remote software teams7 significant benefits of implementing remote software teams

With a 400% increase over the last decade (US Census Bureau), remote working has exploded, to say the least. And for good reason! It brings so many advantages to companies and employees that it would be a shame to do without. And the recent Covid pandemic has further highlighted how beneficial it is to have a remote strategy in place. If you don’t have one yet, it's high time to get started! Here are 7 significant advantages that remote can bring to your company.

Tap into the world’s top talent pool

Finding the right tech talent is one of, if not the biggest challenge companies face. By opening up the global talent pool, remote acts as a brilliant tool you can leverage to tackle this. Not only does it allow to find more talents, but it also allows to find the best ones.

Focus on what matters: results

Results are what matters, not how long people stay in the office. With remote working, the culture of "putting in the hours" becomes one of "getting things done".

Boost talent attraction & retention

A better work-life balance, a better ability to focus and avoiding commuting are life-changing things. This makes for happier employees and the resulting boost in talent attraction & retention is sure to make you happier too!

Increase productivity

Creative and thoughtful work such as software development requires stretches of uninterrupted time to get in the zone. Interruption-riddled days at the office aren’t best suited for this. And while working from home comes with its own kind of interruptions, the fact that your employees can exercise a better control over them is much more conducive to productive work.

Reduce costs

Gartner predicted that by 2021, the increase in remote workers will allow organizations to support 40% more employees in the same amount of office space they currently use. The corollary of this insight is that it’s perfectly possible for you to reduce the office space by 40% and enjoy a hefty cost reduction. Large companies have reported saving millions of dollars every year by doing this.

Be more resilient

The Covid pandemic has shown that remote-enabled companies were much more resilient in the face of disasters. Though health or natural disasters are fortunately rare, little “disasters” happen all the time: employees who have sick children or need to have something repaired in their homes, etc. When these unexpected things happen, no matter how big or small, remote saves the day!

Be more environment friendly

Cutting back on commuting means reduced consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. Remote also contributes to reduced energy consumption, impact on infrastructure, use of paper, consumption of plastic, and many other things. So, if you wanted to make a positive impact on the environment, now is your chance!


Remote is here and it’s here to stay! It’s also one of the most effective ways to take your company to the next level. Why not get started today?