High Performance Organizations


We organize two-day seminars where we reveal the high performance secrets of the world's top companies.


  • Introduction
  • Building a high performance organization: why does it matter?
  • Case studies: how the best in the world do it
    • How McKinsey attracts & retains top tech talent
    • How Netflix reinvented HR and talent management
    • How Spotify builds products
    • How Walmart successfully migrates to newer technologies
    • What kind of engineering culture spawned Trello
    • How startups active in "boring" domains make talents flock to them
    • How Facebook and LinkedIn continuously innovate
    • How Airbnb created a product people love so much
    • What technologies allow top performers to move so fast
    • How top companies create such great workplaces
  • Guidelines: implementing change successfully
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended resources
  • Q&A + networking drink

Upcoming Seminars

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The Benefits

Cost Reduction
Improved Time to Market
Increased Innovation
Improved Competitiveness
Easier Team Management
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Increased Revenues
And Much More

Featured Case

Cuustomer: Going to Market in 3 Months

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